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In which I am interviewed

I was kind of surprised when I got a request for an interview for Laurel Zuckerman’s Paris Weblog. Turns out I caught her attention with my strongly-worded ire about the SFWA Bulletin issue #202 mess. This is actually the first interview I’ve ever had (even if it was by e-mail) and I was very nervous about it. But I think it turned out all right! Dimitri Keramitas asked me some really good questions, and I think I managed to not drool on myself as I typed. The topics ranged from the issue #202 thing to women in writing, women in science, and out from there.

I had a lot of fun, and hopefully you’ll find it interesting! (…and then I found out it was online by the President of SFWA tweeting about it and I may have peed just a little.)

Funny enough, right as I was working on this interview, Waylines also asked me to do a much shorter interview for issue #4. So you should check that out too for more interview-y goodness. It’s under “This Month’s Writers & Filmmakers” in the TOC.

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Jul. 8th, 2013 09:51 pm (UTC)
At the bottom of the Waylines interview, it says "WE HAVE LOADS MORE WE ASKED RACHAEL. FOR THE COMPLETE INTERVIEW, PLEASE CHECK OUT WAYLINES DIGITAL DOWNLOAD EDITION." (sorry for the caps-lock cut&paste), but no matter how much I search I can't find this digital download edition. Do you know? I enjoy hearing what you say - it's why I've been following you for something like 13 years now >.<;

PS: I really liked the Waylines story, and especially that you made the protagonists an Indian lesbian couple. I also liked the hints that the future world competition is between India and China since, well, it probably is going to be.

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