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Samsara in Waylines

Surprise! I have a new short story out. This was actually a bit of a surprise to me, since while the editors had told me Issue #4 was going to go live at the beginning of the month, I somehow didn’t make the connection that my story would be in it. Surprise! Happy surprise.

To read the story, go to Waylines and look at the Issue #4 table of contents.

I’m super excited. I love the illustration they put with the story! And here’s how it starts out…

Dearest Chandra:I was the first to wake, one month out from our new home to be and twenty-four hours before everyone else. The bulk of the deceleration is already done; we’re at a bit less than normal Earth gravity now. Remember those little sleeper jaunts we used to do out to Io? It’s nothing like that, Chandra. I feel like the inside of my head’s been scrubbed with a wire brush, sinuses desiccated and tongue glued in place. I don’t think any language has suitable words for how I feel.
Look at that, I wrote science fiction… To read the rest, head over to Waylines! It’s free to read, but if you like the story please consider donating to them!

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