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Hello from the UK

As you can tell by the exceedingly polite signage, I’m in the UK again. I’d forgotten how beautiful it is here in May. Normally we only come in December, for Christmas. But I like this much better.

(We’re here because Mike’s sister is getting married. And then that seemed like a good excuse to see the Royal Shakespeare Company do Hamlet so expect gushing about that later this week.)

I’m actually surviving the jetlag pretty well right now. If you can believe it, I managed to sleep on the plane. This never happens. I think part of this was because I’ve had to start keeping normal human hours, what with working a regular job and all. But also, there really weren’t any movies I was all that excited to see on the list. Instead I dozed as best I could, using Tom Hiddleston reading The Red Necklace to drown out the snoring of my fellow passengers.

I did watch one movie - Rise of the Guardians. A lot of my friends saw it in theaters, and I heard a lot of squeeing. I don’t know what I expected, but… meh. It just didn’t do a whole lot for me, and I’m not even certain why. I think I expected something on the level of Wreck-it Ralph maybe, and Guardians just didn’t have a tight, clever enough script for that. Though there were some fun moments. I really loved the Tooth Fairy giving Pitch a quarter before punching him in the mouth. But I can’t say I’m sorry I didn’t see it before now.

The flight was actually really productive, before I was too exhausted to see straight. I did line edits that I owed, and finished another draft of Significant Figures. I think that story might be just about where it needs to be now.

Anyway, now we’re in Birmingham. Mike’s parents rented a nice apartment for the weekend that we’re sharing, and we went tot he rehearsal dinner for the wedding. Though we begged off going to the actual rehearsal because we didn’t want wedding spoilers. (Translation: Oh god just let me sit on the couch and die.) Tomorrow I have to go bra shopping first thing in the morning because I forgot my strapless bra in Houston (it’s always something) and then as a reward we’ll see Iron Man 3 which I’m so excited about I can only express it by keysmashing. (U#)INGWEHR((Q#

Going to stay awake a bit longer and then see if the sleep thing will happen. Could this be my first time ever in the UK not destroyed by jetlag? We’ll see!

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May. 3rd, 2013 03:22 pm (UTC)
It is, certainly, a polite sign. But why does it tell you it's polite? Is this a veiled threat of some sort: "I'm being polite now, but disregard my warning and I'll turn into a football yob with three teeth and a broken pint glass in my hand faster than you can blink"?
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