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Ohmygod Shoes

Which is to say hello everyone, I actually am still alive. I’m just kind of having a rough time getting adjusted to that having a real job thing and figuring out when I can do non-job stuff like writing and blogging and exercising. I’ve given exercise a priority for now (since I’m feeling awesome) and as a result I’m feeling even more awesome, but feel like I don’t have much time for anything else on the weekdays.

Today, instead of exercising, I went shoe shopping. Which is not my least favorite kind of shopping, shockingly enough. I’d still rather shop for shoes than for any kind of clothes, for example, or for a house. Shopping for shoes has never made me feel either terminally unattractive or exceedingly poor, just… frustrated. But today I was victorious! I got a new pair of shoes for work:



You are not seeing this incorrectly. Those are men’s dress shoes. It’s all part of my grand plan to confuse everyone I work with about my sexuality. (Kidding.) (Mostly.) Actually, it’s because I fucking hate women’s shoes, particularly dress shoes. They are never comfortable. It’s like whoever designed those shoes started out on the premise that obviously women do not want to walk like normal humans. And never have foot problems. And never need to wear insoles.

Well, I have problems with my feet, and I need to wear insoles, and I think it’s a really bad sign when I find myself wishing I could wear my freaking cycling cleats in the office because they hurt my feet less. And thus – men’s shoes.

One thing I did find weird about trying them on is that they make my feet feel huge. I’m thinking it’s the square-ish toes. I feel like most women’s shoes are really trying to minimize our feet, so this feels very weird indeed.

Anyway. New shoes. Hooray. We’ll see how that goes.

Otherwise the new job is great. My coworkers are all super nice people. I love my mentors and I’m learning a lot. The learning curve is incredibly steep, but I think I’m doing an okay job of clawing my way along it. I’ve been looking at thin sections and describing core, and that’s all stuff I like. I get to play with a tablet, which is fun.

No one’s seriously attempted to kill me during my morning or afternoon bicycle commute yet. So that’s fun too. Hopefully it’ll stay that way.


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