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10 rules of nutrition

To my non-expert but skeptical eyes, this is a pretty good article from io9: The Rules of Good Nutrition (That Absolutely Everybody Agrees On)

Points 1-7 even have citations! Citations! To journal articles!

Anyway, there are two points that I just want to highlight:

3. There is No Perfect Diet For Everyone

Bottom Line: The best diet for YOU is the one you get results with and that you can stick to in the long term.


9. “Diets” Don’t Work, a Lifestyle Change is Necessary

Bottom Line: Adopting a healthy lifestyle is the only way to ensure long term weight loss and a lifetime of improved health.

These are the things that have really been driven home to me over the last three years and my own continuing adventure in weight loss. People tend to push particular diets, because they’re fads, because they’re trying to sell you something, or often even just because it’s worked well for them so they think it should be a cure-all. It never is. You have to find a mix of foods that work for you to keep you fueled and healthy.

And more importantly, you have to find that mix that you can sustain and live with. It’s easy to go on a diet and make yourself eat shit you hate for like maybe a month, and then it’s all over. You have to like what you’re doing, or it’ll never work. You have to do changes that you can stick with permanently and be happy.

Because if it’s not making you happy (in the long run, there will always be fucking miserable days) then why the hell are you doing it?

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Apr. 4th, 2013 04:42 pm (UTC)
my doctor recommended a change in diet to me about six months ago now, for chronic fatigue and pain management with fibromyalgia
and he said you'll probably lose weight along the way
(52lbs and counting!)
and the funny thing is I am much brighter and in less pain now, and all i did was cut out most of the crap
and it was hard at first, I went on the GI plan so I don't eat anything with a GI rating over 40, I eat a lot of protein and fat but little to no carbs. No potato, no wheat, only long grain rice or brown long grain rice but I do eat oats, but only raw oats (in porridge btw, but not prepackaged porridge)

and what occurred to me is that I eat like a medieval peasant, and I don't go hungry (at all) instead of making myself a sandwich if I'm hungry I'll open a tin of tuna and add half an onion and eat that with a fork. I have to supplement my fats because I don't like mayo, but what I learned, which took a while, is that it's not the diets that are wrong (although most are worked out to actually make you put on weight after you lose the water weight the first few weeks) it's the education that's wrong
you're taught that a balanced meal is mostly carbs, but it's total bullshit, carbs are preprocessed sugars your body doesn't need and so instead of using (because there are too much) it stores them as fat, ergo cutting them out stops this
if you're running a marathon or something yay carbs, but most of the carbs that we can buy are so Genetically modified that they're just plain unhealthy anyway (I make my own rye bread, it's a pain, I make one loaf a week because any more than that isn't worth it, but here's the thing, I was eating the best part of a loaf of white bread before, I was eating it with margerine because I thought it was healthier - but I discovered that marg is so unhealthy that even cockroaches won't eat it.

I eat butter and the fat from the bacon and fry eggs in lard and all those tasty things you're not supposed ot have, I can eat chocolate (as long as it's dark) and I can have coffee as long as it's not instant loaded with double cream (no sugar but I never did anyway) and I lost weight, but Im healthier, so i'm going to back you up, it's not a change in diet that we need, we need to understand how our bodies work and stop listening to a government that is lobbied to promote aggro-big business.
A hundred years ago we were slimmer because we weren't loaded with carbs because carbs were a pain in the ass, you had to grow them, mill them, sift them, mill them again, then bake with them, (with bread this involved overnight letting them rise knocking it back, letting it rise again....) so didn't do it unless it was to hold fat in.
It sounds remarkable but just changing lasagne for moussaka is a huge change to your health.

Sorry, I've become a keto-evangelist, you can't help it, it's one part conspiracy theory one part how the hell did i not know this, i need to share it with everyone.
I'm making pease pudding to go with fried fish for dinner tonight instead of potatoes. No one goes hungry when I cook, but it's healthy even though we're taught that it's not
Apr. 4th, 2013 04:51 pm (UTC)
Glad that you found a diet that works for you. Low carb or no carb works great for some people. It doesn't work all that well for others.
Apr. 4th, 2013 05:48 pm (UTC)
what i was trying to say before i got derailed by my own evangelism is that once I learned how my body worked and how food affected it I was able to find a diet that worked well for me for my health, the weight loss was a bonus
I don't need a lot of instant energy so carbs were okay for me to cut down on, but I do eat things like honey, but cutting out most processed foods (anything precooked except meat) massively improved my health and I would rec it to anyone simply because you don't know what's in there and making it yourself usually makes it taste better anyway
it took a long time for me to get past tinned foods into dried but the difference in taste alone is amazing, yes i get week and there are days I'd stab jesus in the face for a bag of chips (british! remember) or a digestive biscuit, but mostly I'm fine.
If we educate people on how food is digested and what does what I think a lot more people would eat what is healthy for them and still tastes great
you shouldn't go on a diet, you should make an educated decision to change the way you eat and its much easier to stick to.
Apr. 23rd, 2013 03:28 pm (UTC)
I think every person has to find the right mix for themselves there is no one size fits all plan.
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