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Wishing I was there.

This has been an exciting few days for me. First of all, this happened (I’ll post more about that on Monday but omg bweeeeeee). And then I’ve been keeping an eye on the amazing British Film Documentary ladies, who are currently in London and having fabulous adventures. The project is something I’m incredibly enthused about I’ve thrown in some financial support already and will be doing so more once I have (you know) that real job thing.

But even more, damnit I just wish I was in London. I love that city to bits every time I get to bounce through, and I never get to stay long enough. (For the record, you also have no idea how much I adore Brighton.) More than that, the crew there is awesome, creative, and incredibly funny. I can’t wait to see the work they’ve done, that’s for certain. It’s all ridiculously exciting.

The one mean twist of the internet – you get to talk to incredible people and then they’re just too far away to do something mundane like share a pint. You can only dance in place like a toddler that’s eaten half a package of oreos and wait to see how things develop. It’s a bizzare feeling of helpless excitement.

Or at least that’s what you do if you’re me.

Maybe next year, London. Maybe next year.

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