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Warm Bodies

No movie has any right to be this cute. Seriously.

Also, I know there are only something like five people left in the US that haven’t seen this movie. Mike and I were numbers six and seven. And it sure took our majorly disappointing day and made things feel all good again. R and M are both utterly adorable zombies, and that’s a phrase I never actually thought I would type.

There are zombies, and some brain eating, but it’s really all an occasionally clumsy (but cute) metaphor for feeling, no matter how painful, being better than not feeling. And let’s be honest, we know how the movie will end as soon as it begins, and it really doesn’t matter. The point is that R is adorable and his journey is adorable and okay the skeletal guys are kind of gross but in the end the good guys and zombies win. And I actually did like to see zombies get to have a bit of personality and change. R goes through some fun character development that shows even in how he moves.

Definitely worth seeing.

Also, I feel like I should probably get a nerd demerit for not noticing R and Julie until there was a freaking balcony scene. Forgive me, geeks, for I have sinned. I’ll do ten St. Crispin’s day speeches and recite the what’s in a name verse backwards.

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