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Assault weapons ban press conference

Today Senator Feinstein proposed her new assault weapons ban. A friend of mine went to the press conference for it and this is what she had to say afterward:

There were a lot of good speakers; both Conn. Senators, the CT Rep from the district that Sandy Hook is in, survivors of VTech, relatives of victims of VTech.
Officer Charles Ramsey from Philedelphia had one of the most powerful speeches; he was really passionate about it.
They also had some examples of the weapons that would be banned on display: all of them are military style and don’t belong on the streets.
Also, notably, the bill includes clauses that explicitly protect guns designed for hunting or sport, or require manual operation.
Call your representatives, call your senators, demand that they vote for it.
Well, it was a press conference, not an actual Senate meeting.
Also the NRA is throwing a bitch fit about it. Even though 74% of their membership support an assault weapons ban.
I want to call the NRA and throw the whole ‘guns don’t kill people’ thing in their face.
People kill people. They just are able to kill a lot more people with assault weapons.
These are not weapons designed for sport, or hunting. They are designed to kill as much as possible, in as short a time as possible, with minimal reloads.
True, in the military they are used more for suppressive fire in combat, but the shooters in the mass murders of recent years always aimed to kill with the weapons.
40% of all mass shootings in America’s history have happened in the last nine years since the expiration of the 1994 assault weapons ban.
Oh, also: there’s a march for assault weapon control on Saturday in DC.

Re: inevitable argument that guns are just tools, guns don’t kill people, etc etc:

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Jan. 25th, 2013 08:49 pm (UTC)
I hate the 'guns don't kill people' argument. Yes, yes, guns don't pull their own triggers. But guns kill a lot more people than any other instrument a single person can semi-easily get their hands on.

Also, if 'guns don't kill people,' then why is the military using them?
Jan. 30th, 2013 08:36 pm (UTC)
I would love to see some reliable statistics on this "74% of NRA members support an assault weapons ban." Because I would be willing to lay money that 74% of dues-paying NRA members do not, in fact, support it, and would fight it with every fiber of their being.

I will also point out that "military-style" does not equal military. Because a gun has a pistol grip or a barrel shroud doesn't make it one bit easier to kill people. The argument against pistol grips, for example, is that it makes it easier to kill because you can "fire from your hip." Except that firing from the hip is massively more inaccurate, cumbersome, and will actually kill less people. And all barrel shrouds do is ensure you don't burn your hand on the barrel.
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