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The first ever issue of Specutopia is now online! Please go check it out and pick up a copy. I've got a story in there of course - Entangled. Unfortunately, it's not one of the stories that will be available as a free read online, but I assure you the magazine is well worth the cost. And not just because I'm in it! I got a copy as part of my author payment and I really enjoyed reading the other stories.

I wrote Entangled about two years ago for the short story competition for Aussiecon. The story was much shorter and less complete then, but still made it to semifinals, of which I'm very proud. It also got an honorable mention for 2011 Quarter 2 of Writers of the Future.

It's taken a bit of traveling, but I'm really glad this story finally has a home, and a good (shiny and new!) one at that.

Also in writing news, I just finished the rough draft of my third short story for the Clarion Write-a-thon. This one is a hot mess of a story right now since I didn't have a clear plan starting out, but I think I'll be able to edit it into something I can be proud of once the write-a-thon is over. If you want a peek at the excerpt (and the awful title) you can see it at the blog for my team.

This puts me at halfway to my writing goal, and right on time, too! I'm also just two sponsors short of my ten sponsor goal, so please consider throwing a little bit of money in the ring! Remember, you have the chance of winning naming rights to a character in one of my awesome steam punk short stories that will later be published by Musa.

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