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Writing year in review

This had to wait until I got home so I could count my rejection slips.

Written This Year

Novels: Complete rough draft of Fire in the Belly at ~135k words, and I've put in ~41k words on the rough draft of King's Hand, which I'm hoping to finish next year.

Shorter stuff:
Written total: 6 short stories, 2 novelettes
Finalized: 6 short stories, 1 novelette
Consigned to the Trunk of Awfulness, never to emerge: 1 novelette (I've decided that Song of the Departed really just needs to be rolled into a novel)
Best/favorite short story of the year: Tie between The Perfect Blue and Asleep in Zandalar. The former was just so much fun to write and the guys at NCWW loved it, and the latter I literally still cannot read through without tearing up.

I also wrote about ~50k words of Thor fanfiction split between short stories and a great big novella. I just note this not because it impacts my publishing stats, but because I've been writing like a mofo this year and it feels pretty awesome.

So much for my prediction last year that my productivity would be lower, eh? We'll see about 2012, since I seem to have figured out how I want to work at my writing, but I also have a thesis to write.

Queries Sent: 137
Rejections Received: 109
Most rejections received: Throne of Nightmares now has an unfair advantage, and if I count its rejections I may just cry so let's skip it. Of the shorter stories, And Still Champion wins at 10 rejections this year.

Published this year: Transportation in Anotherealm, The Falling Star in the New Fairytales Anthology by Aurora Wolf

Slated for next year: The Day Dietrich Himmel Killed an Angel in Darwin's Evolutions

Also, I put INFECTION online at AO3 since it was rejected from Machine of Death 2 and I won't be able to do anything else with it.

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