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Update on the phone situation

I realized that I whined about my phone getting stolen, but then didn't post about the follow up here because I'd said something about it on Twitter, etc. But the good news is, I got my phone back! It mysteriously reappeared at the kung fu school after class on Monday, and Shifu gave it back to me on Wednesday. And that's all I can really say about it, since when I tried to ask Shifu questions he told me, "You shouldn't ask so many questions. You should just be happy you got your phone back." So there you go. I have my theories, but that's all I can really say and I'm not going to complain.

That meant I got to return the new phone to Best Buy, and that was an excruciating two hour process since I had to have my old phone un-reported stolen, and get my number switched back. But it was worth it to no longer owe Best Buy an enormous sum of money. Yay!

My back is still stiff, though it's mostly better now. I didn't end up going to kung fu this morning, though, because I slept like shit last night and just couldn't get moving. So I guess my back automatically gets one more day to recover. I hope it appreciates the reprieve, since I'm going tomorrow by hook or by crook. I am going for a run today. I just have to decide if I'm going now, or this afternoon when it's shadier and hopefully cooler. I'm leaning more toward now, though, because it looks like we might get a thunderstorm this afternoon.

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