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And in non-whiny stuff

Got my critiques back from the contest I entered Throne of Nightmares in. I didn't make it to finals (my score qualified me, actually, but the competition in YA was apparently so brutal this year that I still missed being in the top 5 by 4 points) but I'm okay with that. I got some really valuable feedback, with a few things that I needed to fix. But the comments of my judges were overall super positive, so I cam out feeling pumped and ready to go get a whole new round of rejections on it. Because at least now I have a couple of complete strangers saying that they like my novel, that it's the sort of thing they want to see in YA, and that they look forward to seeing it in print.

Made me feel like a million bucks, really. So I sent out some more queries yesterday, and I'll just keep trying and trying. Never give up! Never surrender!

I also got my payment for The Day Dietrich Himmel Killed an Angel from Darwin yesterday. So that made me happy. Yay for an official sale! Not sure when the story will be published yet, but I'll hopefully find out soon. And Digital Science Fiction contacted me to say they wanted Entangled, so I'm waiting to get a contract from them. I'm super excited.

Kung fu has been going great. I was in the performance at the Boulder Asian Festival, which I'm really proud about. I did two things - sze sze chuen, and then the paired exercise for it with my friend Emily. Apparently people really liked it, I guess because we were just screaming our heads off at each other and looked like we were really going for combat. That seems to impress crowds. So that was fun.

I've also started running again, two miles at a time. I'm trying to go easy on myself, because if my knees start hurting I'll need to immediately stop. But it's been fun so far, and I've enjoyed pushing myself. I've really missed running.

The only turd in my punchbowl was that my phone got stolen last week. And not just my phone, but all the cash out of my wallet. I also had to cancel my credit cards, because while they didn't get taken, it was plain that the thief had gone through them. So that's been infuriating. Not going to say too much more about it, though, since we're still trying to find the culprit. Here's hoping. Buying a new Android was not cheap.


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Aug. 21st, 2011 12:54 am (UTC)
Yay on the good feedback! I will be thrilled if you get published and I will tell all my friends to buy it. :D

Also, congratulations on selling The Day Dietrich Himmel Killed An Angel; I'm not sure I knew about that. Awesome. And Entangled as well - I don't think I've read that one, but it's really exciting that DSF wants it.

I'm sorry to hear about your phone and stuff. That really sucks. D:
Aug. 28th, 2011 11:58 am (UTC)
A week later (cause, yanno, LJ no longer is my homepage)...

I wish I had known about the phone. There's an app called Plan B that will find your phone. It's better than Lookout in that it really is the oh-my-god-I'm-screwed remote install. I love the name, too.

Sorry, hun.
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