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Random shit.

In the last two and a half weeks, I've written three short stories. I think I need a short story break. But I didn't want to cheat even more and start working on Fire in the Belly prior to the write-a-thon, so I figured I'd put a bit more on King's Hand to just sort of make time and keep the writing groove going. Put a couple thousand words in on it. Part of me is making this sad little squeeling noises, thinking that maybe I'll write two whole novels this year, but then I remind myself HEY GRAD SCHOOL, and I think that'll put a crimp on things. But it's fun.

Seriously considering de-anoning for norsekink as I continue to work on the epic fic of epicness, because the inability to edit when I notice typos is really starting to get on my nerves. Boo.

Learned the rest of tiger today. Which was two entire rows. I thought my brain was going to melt. And then I learned a couple more movements for broadsword. Which is good, because I desperately want to finish learning that one before it's time to go to Wyoming. I am so ridiculously sore now that it's not to be believed. Spinny kicks are apparently the devil.

Weight loss is stuck again. It is officially the same plateau that I hit with the army guys. I recalculated how much I should be eating and cranked it down a little bit, and I'm going to try to be even more strict with myself, but I don't know. It's really frustrating. Like my body has just decided I'm going to be XXX weight no matter what the fuck I do. I've been exercising like a mofo and haven't been too lax about my calorie counting, and it hasn't made that much of a difference before now, so I'm not sure what the hell else to do.



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Jun. 23rd, 2011 06:58 pm (UTC)
once you get to a certain age, your body is kinda stuck at a certain weight, regardless what you do.

the more important question is if you're healthy. what's your cholesterol, BP, etc., and more importantly, how do you feel? and, not, "i feel like a fat cow." a concrete example: i gained enough weight that, when i slept, i was cutting off the blood flow to my hands, cos i curl them up. that's not good. stuff like that.

i think you're beautiful. mike thinks your beautiful. just be healthy.
Jun. 23rd, 2011 07:02 pm (UTC)
Really, the main reasons I want to lose weight are two fold:

1) It'll be a lot easier on my knees since I insist on doing high impact stuff like kung fu, and I would really like to start running again.

2) History of type 2 diabetes on both sides of my family say it's a good idea.

So yeah. I think if it was just about looks I wouldn't have made it even this far. XD
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