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15 Minute Fic: Boredom

Title: Boredom
Fandom/original: Original (steam punk)
Characters: Captain Ramos, Mr. Simms
Rating: G
Word count: 724

Just playing around with my steam punk characters a bit to get to know them better...

Life had become boring: that was the crux of the problem for those that cared to summarize. She had separated herself from polite society, retreated to a deserted mine in the mountains, and turned it into a veritable mechanical paradise for outcasts and misfits like herself. Which was not to disparage the years of hard work and invention it had taken to do that, but now that everything was fine-tuned and the air pumps all hummed quietly along instead of clanking and the last of the dripping faucets had been successfully twiddled and rerouted, there was simply nothing left to do.

So she had taken to peyote, acquired from one of the southern Indian tribes, as a way to pass the time. It provided some intellectual stimulation where listening to societal misfits complain about the quality of the tea certainly did not.


She roused herself slowly, dreamily, prying one eye open. Through a drug-induced haze, Simms was certainly more pleasing to the eye than normal, the colors surrounding him a distraction from his somewhat misshapen nose. "Ah, Mr. Simms. Has some little waif lost her kitten in pump room again?"

Simms shook his head, crouching down next to her chair and crossing his arms. "I don't think this particularly healthy, Captain."

"More healthy than boredom-induced madness, I suspect."

"The Mayor--"

"Oh goodness, he's calling himself Mayor now? What an adorable little village we've set up." Even as she mocked the idea, she did find it gratifying; if Cesar had set himself up as some sort of political leader, it meant that the people who had taken up residence in the mine would stop troubling her with their headache-inducing squabbles.

"We had a proper election and everything," Simms informed her. "Whilst you were brewing up that horrid stink last week. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised you didn't notice."

"Politics of are little interest to me." In fact, refuge from politics was the first reason she'd retreated to the mountains.

"Well yes, but someone's got to keep thing in order, and it's apparently not you." Simms shook his head. "Anyway, Captain, as I was saying before you interrupted, the Mayor's quite worried, as am I."

"Unless your worry translates into a feat of engineering, Simms, I find myself unconcerned."

"It well may," Simms said. "For all your bellyaching about boredom, you never seem to treat your own problems as things to be solved."

She laughed. "Well, if I could think of a solution, I wouldn't be bored, now would I? How dull."

He sighed. "And you say that I'm unreasonable."

"Did you actually have anything to tell me, Simms or is this your version of an afternoon's entertainment?"

"Oh, I'm sure I've better things to do in an afternoon than watch over you," he said. "No, I thought I'd just mention a little thing me'n the Mayor noticed. Guess the Grand Duke in Denver's got over his little tizzy with the Duchess in Provo, because traffic on the road's been going up and up over the last week."

This did hook into her attention, tease at her brain. "Really."

"And it's looking rather well guarded, if you take my drift. So might be a thing of interest there."

"How well guarded?"

"Hard to tell from the distance, so you might want to go out and check for yourself tonight."

"Right..." And suddenly, Captain Ramos was on her feet, pacing, though a little unsteadily. "If we're looking at larger caravans and more guards, I think our engine will need a bit of improvement. It's a project I've been putting off far too long."

Simms let out a quiet sigh of relief when the Captain's back was turned. "Indeed, sir. And while life isn't too bad for us these days, there are always bits and bobs we could use, more money for food, things like that."

But she wasn't listening any more; already, she was at her worktable, tearing through a stack of blueprints to find her original plans for the small engine they'd used to traverse the old, broken mountain roads.

Simms stood up and let himself quietly out of the room. If he didn't have such a cherished hatred for the Grand Duke of Denver, he'd feel almost sorry for the man. Becoming Marta Ramos' new entertainment was an uncomfortable prospect for anyone.


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May. 11th, 2011 07:39 am (UTC)
Mmm, I like that. More importantly, of course, I like Ramos and Simms.

One question: I read the second sentence as Ramos having left high society and transformed into a refuge for outcasts and misfits. "turned into" probably wants to be "turned it into"?
May. 11th, 2011 11:58 am (UTC)
That would be right, sir. XD Marta's quite a small woman and wouldn't provide much of a habitation. :P
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