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From June 26 through August 6 this summer, I will be attempting to complete the rough draft of my current novel-in-progress. I can't tell you how many words that will end up being, but my guess is I'll be putting in at least 80,000 words in that six week period. A good portion of this writing will be done while I'm in the middle of the Bighorn Basin in Wyoming, with only other geologists and inquisitive snakes for company. Why?

Because I'm fucking insane!

No, I mean because I'm participating in the Clarion Write-a-Thon. Clarion is a Big Deal, intensive writing bootcamp for writers who want to improve their scifi/fantasy short story skills. It also needs money, so that it can keep training the budding authors in our favorite geek genres. And I can always use motivation to write, so it's like a match made in heaven.

(And if you all love me enough to pledge dirty wads of cash, I might win an iPad. But that's beside the point, I promise.)

Here's my writer page, complete with an en-hatted picture. Because I am nothing without my hat. It's for a good cause, and it's getting me to do things with my summer other than throwing rocks at rattlesnakes, so please consider donating!


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Apr. 29th, 2011 06:21 pm (UTC)
I am awesomely proud of you for doing this. I also wanted to remind you in case you didn't this time around...apply to both Clarion West and Clarion San Diego. If you don't get into one you may get into another. You never know. Have fun with the write-a-thon, and good luck.

Edit: How many times does it take me to spell proud correctly? Apparently three.

Edited at 2011-04-29 10:22 pm (UTC)
Apr. 29th, 2011 06:48 pm (UTC)
I think I had a reason for applying for one and not the other this year... likely it has something to do with the drilling schedule, but I can't remember at this point. XD Next year, though... next year for sure. :D
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