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The Adjustment Bureau is two hours of lovely fun laced with just enough suspense and paranoia and Matt Damon looking both earnest and tasty, which is then completely ruined by the last three minutes of ridiculous feel-good cop out ending.

Seriously. If you're going to make a movie out of a fucking Philip K. Dick story, DON'T GIVE IT A FUCKING HAPPY ENDING.

If you do go see the movie - and I actually recommend that you do, since it's mostly very good - I recommend just walking out of the theater when the two people are kissing on the roof. (Being intentionally vague since it could be spoilery.) Just pretend the movie ends there, and you won't get that moment of enraging let-down that comes with the credits rolling.

Anyone else that has seen the movie - do you find it a bit odd that the only non-white character in the entire film is the "renegade" angel? There's the bit where Matt Damon says something like, "You seem different from the others," to him, and it's hard not to snort considering that everyone else from the Bureau is a Middle-Aged or Old White Dude.


Day was a lot of fun, and something I desperately needed after the hellish, stressful, and morale destroying week I've had. It's been one of those weeks where I spent a lot of time asking myself why the hell I'm in grad school. Though I did manage to finally beat the cold that's been hanging on to me for two weeks, after I decided I was exhausted and just didn't give a shit any more and then went home and slept for nearly ten hours. So yes, kids, sleep is still important, even when you're a (sort of) grown up.

Today Mike and I saw Kat and Aki and Mina, ate food, watched a movie, talked a bunch. Much relaxation had by all, I think. Normally Mina wants Mike to read to her, but it was my turn today I guess. I spent quite a bit of the day stretched out on the floor next to her, reading her little picture books and adding occasional sarcastic commentary.

Most amusing part of the day: Showed up in the morning while Mina was watching Sesame Street. Bert was singing a song about how he couldn't find Ernie in their bedroom. I suggested, "He's probably in the closet."


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